The Crossing

When refugees from a war-torn country start seeking asylum in a small American fishing town, it becomes clear that something strange is going on. The residents soon learn that the country they are fleeing from is America, and the war they are escaping hasn't happened yet.

Last Friday night was one of those rare times my wife and I found ourselves at home alone. The kids had all gone out and not only did we have the house to ourselves, but also control of the TV!

Cath ordered Thai and I did a quick scan of iTunes and Netflix to see if anything peaked our interest. We had to be quick, after all we only had a few hours and we wanted to make every minute count.

After very slim pickings on the movie front, we ventured cautiously into the TV series section. We had been caught out here before. Some new series with which sucks you completely in, only then to discover by the time you make it to the final episode of the season (which is a huge cliffhanger by the way), that there is no second season! You are left wondering whatever happened; did they ever make it home? Did they save the world? Did they end up together? You’ll never know.

Cath & I had made a pact, never to watch a new TV series that had only one season.

But time was not on our side Friday night and in a moment of weakness, we broke our pact and took a chance on an unknown new TV series from ABC called “The Crossing”.

It seemed to have everything you want in a sci-fi series. Small quiet ‘Canadian pretending to be American’ town, B-list actors,  special effects, and an intriguing plot. Refugees from a war-torn country wash up in a small American fishing town, seeking asylum. It doesn’t take too long before you discover that the country they are fleeing from is America, and the war they are escaping hasn’t happened yet. They aren’t refugees from another country, but rather another time. 180 years in the future to be precise. Apparently for those living in the year 2198, life hasn’t turned out exactly as we had hoped. There are no hoverboards or interstellar travel. Instead, most of mankind has been wiped out by engineered super humans known as ‘Apex” and those who remain have developed technology to escape into the past.

The show is made from the creators of ‘Lost’ and spoiler alert, there is no mystery monster terrorising this once peaceful town. But then again I am only 5 episodes in, so anything could happen.

It took a little bit of getting use to seeing Steve Zanh in a non-comedic lead role, having been use to seeing him in ‘The Diary of a Whimpy Kid’ movies. But he is really believable in his role as sheriff and as a dad trying to reconnect with his son.

Each episode progressed at a steady pace. We found ourselves being drawn in with a few twists and turns thrown in for good measure. We did manage to fit in three episodes before we had to relinquish control of the TV remote and have since managed to watch another two.

We did do a quick search online and knew going in that there was going to be no second season. ABC have confirmed that there is only one season but that there would also be no cliffhanger. The story would resolve. So we are treating it like an 11 episode miniseries or just one really long movie.

‘The Crossing’ is available to download for $14.99 AU from iTunes for the first (and only) season. It has a MA 15+ rating which I am guessing is for the occasional bit of blood as I am yet to hear any swearing or witness any sex scenes. But then again we are only 5 episodes in.

And who knows what the future holds. Maybe in 2198, after years of cancelled TV series, a small group of desperate fans will invent a technology to cross over into the past and correct the mistakes of misguided Network Executives who seem hellbent on squashing the hopes and dreams of mankind for generations. Fingers crossed.

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