Extra Modules

[toggle title=”Images Module” opened=”no” ]Images can be provided by the client but must be high quality to be able to be used effectively. Preferred format is .png or .jpg. For design work I prefer .psd files. Images provided as part of the module are sourced from professional stock photo sites and resized and edited to meet your site’s specifications.
+ Basic $120 (Includes 4 high quality images plus all icons, buttons, headers and basic graphic design)
+ Standard $240 (Includes 8 high quality images plus all icons, buttons, headers and basic graphic design)
+ Advanced $360 (Includes 12 high quality images, plus all icons, buttons, headers and basic graphic design)
+ Photo Shoot Negotiable (Price to be negotiated based on location, number and type of shots)
+ 3D Animation & Images Coming Soon[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Content Module” opened=”no” ]You may require additional pages, customer forms or plugins for your site (excluding blog posts or
online stores)
Extra Page $45/page
Additional Forms $35/form
Additional Plugins $35/plugin
(plugins provide extra functionality to your site such as events list, newsletter subscriber, etc)
Keyword Strategy and Search $75.00
(The use of keywords is essential to boost your Google ratings and draw traffic to your site. This will
provide 3-5 words to be used throughout your site with SEO)[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Social Media Module” opened=”no” ]Social Media Module
If you already have social media account, then these can be added to your site as part of the Basic
Module. You will just need to provide your username to enable these to be linked.
Setup Costs $15/account
(If you don’t already have a social media account, I can set these up for you. This covers Facebook,
Pages, Twitter, Pinterest, Vimeo, Youtube and Google Plus)[/toggle]
[toggle title=”Specialty Module” opened=”no” ]BSpecialty Module
Online Store $200
(This includes uploading up to 100 products and descriptions. Images to be provided by the client or a
photoshoot can be negotiated. To setup an online store you will first be required to purchase a Static IP
address and an SSL Certificate from your web host. I can arrange this for you and it is paid directly to
your provider. Digital Pacific charge $60 per year for a static IP address and $69 per year for a SSL
Gallery or Portfolio $35 plus .85c/image
(Portfolio’s are a great way to display your photo’s and images. Images are to be provided by the client
and are resized and edited as required before being uploaded.)
Blog Posts $25 per post
(Blogs are a great way to draw traffic to your site. I can provide blog posts based[/toggle][toggle title=”Maintenance Module” opened=”no” ]+ Maintenance Modules
Having a great site is step one but it needs to be maintained in order to boost your
Google rating, avoid hackers and viruses and be backed up in case of server failure.
I have ongoing modules available if required with a 20% discount for annual
Basic $35/month or $336/year
(Includes monthly backups plus plugin and wordpress updates)
Standard $95/month or $912/year
(Includes the Basic Module plus 2 hours of content management)
Advanced $185/month or $1776/year
(Includes Basic Module plus 5 hours of content management and keyword monitoring)
Content Management includes any uploading, changes to text, additional email plus also includes any
new free stock images and graphic design work required. Any additional pages required are an extra
$45 per page.[/toggle]
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